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Established in 1992, China Finance Investment Holdings Limited (Stock code: 875.HK) was the first PRC “Key Leading Enterprise in Agricultural Industrialization” listed on the Main Board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in February 2012. The Group operates in two core business areas, Agricultural and Integrated Financial Services. The Agricultural business is well developed and in its mature stage. As one of the leading national agricultural enterprises with a vertically integrated business model, the Group sells its products directly to customers in Hong Kong, the PRC, and via distributors to overseas markets such as Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States. To diversify its income streams and counter balance the cyclical nature of the agricultural business, the Group has been actively developing its business blueprint in the realm of internet finance and money lending since 2015. Currently, the Group is focusing on providing a comprehensive array of commercial and personal loan services in Hong Kong, such as basic and equity financing, cross-border financing, Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform and mortgage. Meanwhile, the Group is actively exploring the financial leasing industry in the PRC, as well as the securities trading, brokerage and advisory services in Hong Kong. The relevant operating licenses and transactions are expected to be completed and approved by the mid of 2016.

Looking ahead, we shall continue to enhance our dual-business model. In order to create concrete and sustainable values for the Company and our Shareholders, we shall strive to maintain our leading position in China’s agricultural industry with a fully, vertically integrated value chain to deliver high quality agricultural products. We shall also capitalize on China’s booming online financial services industry to grasp the development opportunities and enhance the investment potential in both domestic and foreign integrated financial services markets.

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