About Us | China Finance Investment Holdings Limited - Corporate Values

Customer First

We are customer-oriented. Our mission encompasses customers as our utmost priority and we strive to deliver high quality and reliable products and services. Focusing on the integrated financial services and green agricultural businesses, we are dedicated to optimize our business portfolio by offering comprehensive and diversified loan financing services, as well as high quality, safe and reliable agricultural products of the highest standard to our valuable customers.


Fostering a sustainable business

We strongly believe that environmental protection is equally important as business development and shall be meticulously coordinated. While we seek business opportunities, we also place strong emphasis on corporate social responsibility and corporate identity, as fostering a sustainable business in the long term is our vision. We always try our best to strike a balance among the best interests of our Shareholders, our society and our Group in order to generate long-term sustainable returns.


Innovation and diversification

We adopt an innovative approach to develop and execute our “Finance + Agricultural” business strategy in order to create a win-win. With the rapid development of internet finance across the globe, the Group will focus on developing the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) lending platform and providing loan financing and securities trading services, to achieve the financial interconnection. Our comprehensive and diversified cross-border lending services enable our customers to enjoy efficient financial convenience. For the agricultural sector, the Group will continue to uphold its high standard of quality of its agricultural products, and keep on upgrading our dual-business model along the way.


Human Capital

“Employees are the greatest asset of a corporation”. We value every one of our employees and try our best to nurture and develop their individual capabilities by providing opportunities for self-enhancement and further career development. In this way, we can achieve a win-win for the employees and the Group.  To encourage our employees to grow with us, we are committed to creating a conducive working environment, engaging them in open communication and ideas exchange in order to strengthen their working relationship and professional skills.